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Roses from Linda shows dedication to helping families in a special way. Our goal is to cover airline, bus, or train tickets costs for families to travel to visit their sick or dying loved ones. Money shouldn’t be the reason families cannot give each other that one last hug and kiss and say their final good-byes. Sure, we could send some flowers with a sentimental note. But, like we say, “Why send flowers? We send family.”

Roses from Linda will have a Good Deed Day once a month to fully give back to the community.  We will also help military families and kids with cancer or other serious illness.

Roses from Linda is an approved 501c3 non profit organization.


Founder, TJ Hodges, created Roses From Linda in honor of his mother Linda, who passed away from cancer in April 2008. She was living in Phoenix, AZ at the time while most of her family lived in Illinois. Before she died, some of her family could not afford the travel expenses to go see her. This was heart breaking for the family, but for Linda most of all. As for most people, her family was her everything…her family was her life.

This organization was formed to help other families so they won’t have to feel the hurt that Linda and her family had to. If you or your family need help, please Contact Us or Share Your Story.

If you would like to help out our families, please visit our Donate section. The funds received go into buying travel tickets for family members. Our sole purpose is to help as many families as possible when they don’t think help is there. We can do this…with your help.

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